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Hi, my name is Amandine, a 22-years-old woman international opportunity seeker, currently in the second year of Master in Management Science at Solvay Brussels School with a bachelor degree in Economics and Management Science from the University of Namur. In parallel with my studies, I specialize myself in the fields of Management, Marketing and Strategy. What interests me mainly in these areas are the understanding and the application of strategies put in place by companies in terms of branding as well as regards to the relationship with consumers. Having alread‍‍‍y made two exchanges abroad during my school career, in England and in Canada, I’m not afraid of the unknown world and I’m always seeking for new opportunities both personally and professionally.

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Hard-working and self-demanding, I love setting high goals and achieving challenges, and be proud of the results of the work provided. As a conscientious and well organized person, management is part of my everyday life. Also highly motivated and eager to discover, I usually learn quite quickly and enjoy applying competencies I’ve acquired so far such as team working, sense of organization, project management and languages. Finally, I expect a job to be rewarding in terms of self-development, responsibility and experience, while at the same time promoting values of honesty, respect and equality.

A hint of sensitivity, lots of ambition and dreams, accompanied by a love of responsibilities and cooperation, with great loyalty and respect. Serve with plenty of enthusiasm, that’s all about me.

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As regards to my personal life, I was born and educated in a small village called Wepion, in Belgium. Surrounded by my two brothers, I lived a quiet childhood in my hometown. At the end of my high school years, many different choices of studies were available, hesitating between my passions for travel, hotel management and management science, I finally opted for the latter. However, I didn’t want to put aside my other passions. Simultaneously with my studies, I therefore worked as a student in different restaurants. This job was really rewarding as it allowed me to become more self-confident and meet lots of people with different background. Besides that, being an addict to travel, I had the chance to make two exchanges abroad, the first one in England and the second one in Canada, and to discover plenty of beautiful cities and places. About my hobbies, I love spending time with family and friends, whether going shopping in the city, eating at a restaurant or going to a movie theater. I also love doing sports, I consider it very important. Swimming, playing tennis and doing fitness are my favorite ones. Finally, I love decorating places, I think it's the creative part of me that I let out.

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"There are two types of people who will tell you that you cannot make a difference in this world: those who are afraid to try and those who are afraid you will succeed."


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